What Dahlias Grow Well In The Shade?

What Dahlias Grow Well In The Shade?

If you have a shady spot in the garden you may well be wondering if there are any specific Dahlias that will grow well in the shade.

In truth, there are no specific Dahlia varieties that enjoy growing in the shade. Dahlias love full sun and will always do better in full sun rather than shade.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t grow Dahlias in the shade, but the amount of shade will play a crucial role in how well your Dahlias perform.

What Happens if You Grow Dahlias in the Shade?

What happens to your Dahlias will depend on the amount of shade they get. In a fully shaded spot that gets no direct sunlight then your plants will really suffer. They may well grow but they might not flower at all.

If they do flower then the blooms will be small and in much lower quantities than if they had some direct sunlight.

In basic terms the more hours of sunlight your Dahlias get per day the bigger they will grow, the bigger the blooms will be and to top it off each bloom will also be larger.

Ideally, they require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. The lower you dip below this the smaller the plants and blooms will be.

When Can Shade be Beneficial to Dahlias?

If you live in a hot climate and want to grow dahlias, you may find that a spot with some afternoon shade is ideal, as it will help keep the plants from getting too hot and stressed during the hottest part of the day.

Even here though we are only talking about afternoon shade, your Dahlias will still need plenty of direct sun in the morning and afternoon but will enjoy the cooler temperatures in the afternoon shade.


Can Dahlias Handle Partial Shade?

Yes, Dahlias can handle partial shade and grow well. However, they do love direct sunlight, and the more direct sunlight they get the better they will do.

Do Dahlias Prefer Morning or Afternoon Sun?

Dahlias just love sunlight and ideally require 6-8 hours per day. So morning or afternoon sun they aren’t too fussed, as long as they get a lot of it!

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